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Basic to Intermediate
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Duration : 
30 Days
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Unlock the secrets of QuickBooks with our comprehensive Bookkeeping course.

QuickBooks Basic Level

Module 1: Introduction to QuickBooks

✅ Overview of QuickBooks software versions and features.

✅ Installing and setting up QuickBooks

✅ Navigating the QuickBooks interface

✅ Customizing your company setting

Module 2: Chart of Accounts and Company Setup ( QBO Online )

✅ Understanding the Chart of Accounts

✅ Creating and Editing Accounts

✅ Company and Financial Information Setup

✅ Connecting Bank Accounts and Credit Cards

Module 3: Recording Financial Transactions ( QBO Online )

✅ Creating and Managing Customers and Vendors

✅ Recording Sales Transactions ( Invoices, Sales Receipts )

✅ Recording Purchase Transactions ( Bills and Expenses )

Module 4: Managing Payroll and Employees

✅ Setting up employee records

✅ Running Payroll and processing paychecks

✅ Handling payroll taxes and liabilities

✅ Printing and Filing payroll forms


✅ How to create resume

✅ Where to find clients