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9hr 33m
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Course teacher
Coach Geovanne

About the course

Step into the world of Excel, where data meets design and analytics becomes art. Our Excel Mastery Course isn't just another tutorial; it's a deep dive into one of the most powerful tools in the business world. Whether you're an absolute beginner or someone looking to elevate their spreadsheet game, this course has been tailored for you.

Excel is more than just cells and formulas. It's a tool to visualize data, streamline tasks, and drive decisions. From basic data entry and formatting to advanced pivot tables, charts, and macro programming, this course covers the vast spectrum of Excel's capabilities.

Taught by industry experts with a passion for teaching, each module is a blend of practical exercises and theoretical knowledge. You'll encounter real-world scenarios that require Excel solutions, ensuring that your learning is not just theoretical but deeply practical and relevant.

By the end of this journey, you'll have the skills to manipulate data with ease, craft compelling visual reports, and automate tasks, becoming the go-to Excel guru in your workplace or business.

Enroll today and unlock the endless possibilities that Excel offers. Let's transform those grids into gold!

What will you learn


1.Use a mouse

2.Open and close windows

3.Open and save files

4.Switch between application windows

MS Excel Training Part 1 – Basic


1.Introducing Microsoft Excel

2.Exploring types of data

3.Introducing formulas

4.Introducing functions

5.Working with absolute cell reference

6.Utilizing a name range

7.Introducing charts

8.Updating worksheet data

9.Adding a worksheet

10.Inserting columns and rows

11.Creating an excel table

12.Sorting and filtering data

MS Excel Training Part 2 – Intermediate


1.Basic Function

2.Basic Numeric Function

3.Basic Math Operation

4.Define Names

5.Cell Reference Type



8.Comparison Operators

9.If Function

10.If Nested

11.Multiple If



14.Average If

15.Is Function

16.Conditional Formatting

17.Data Validation

MS Excel Training Part 3 – Intermediate


1.Text Function

2.Date Function

3.Count Blank

4.Compare Two Columns

5.Remove Duplicates

6.Flash Fill




10.Data Entry Form

11.Group and SubGroup

12.Student PivotTable

13.Pivot and Chart

14.Add-ins (Web Video Player From Internet)

15.Add-ins (Mini Calendar)

16.Add-ins (People Graph)

17.Add-ins (Bing Maps)

What our students say

Keith Wallen Mundiz
Keith Wallen Mundiz
Student - Excel

“Ang galing ng Coach very detailed excel course, maintindihan motalaga kahit beginner ka kasi tuturo talaga from basic until sa medyo comlicated na na part, Kudos sa Sandbox VA Team :) sulit na sulit”

Churchill C. Esprela
Churchill C. Esprela
Student - Excel

"By far, the most worth it na excel course na pinag enrollan ko dito sa Philippines, meron mga foreign na nag tuturo ng ganito pero iba parin talaga pag pinoy magtuturo, very detailed pa at madaling maintindihan :)"