Amazon Account Management

By mastering these skills, you can become an expert in Amazon account management and provide valuable services to businesses that sell on Amazon. This course is focused on teaching you practical, hands-on skills that you can apply to real-world situations. You'll learn how to manage Amazon accounts effectively, communicate with clients, and build a successful VA business

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3 days with 3 Months FB Support
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Course teacher
Coach Mariel

About the course

Journey into the heart of Amazon's bustling marketplace with our comprehensive Account Management Course. As Amazon's platform continues to evolve, so does the intricate dance of managing seller accounts. This course stands as a beacon for both beginners aiming to understand the basics and seasoned professionals looking to refine their skills.

Amazon Account Management isn't just about listing products. It's about crafting an immersive buying experience, optimizing every touchpoint, from the product listing to post-purchase support. This course takes you on a deep dive, exploring every facet, from effective inventory management and customer service to mastering the nuances of feedback and brand-building on Amazon.

Guided by seasoned industry experts, you'll encounter real-world scenarios, actionable strategies, and hands-on exercises. Our modules not only provide theoretical know-how but also emphasize practical application, ensuring you're well-prepared to tackle the challenges of the Amazon selling landscape.

By the course's end, you'll emerge with the expertise to manage Amazon accounts seamlessly, ensuring maximum visibility, growth, and profitability. Transform your Amazon selling journey and excel in the world of e-commerce with us.

Join now and pave your way to becoming an Amazon Account Management wizard!

What will you learn


Brand Registry



Intellectual property


Copyright Infringement

Intellectual property rights or trademark infringement

Enrolling a Brand on Amazon Brand registry

GTIN Exemption

VC or Vendor Central

SC or Seller Central

B2B Central

Performance Notification

Voice of the customer

Feedback Manager

Suspected Intellectual Property Violations

Received Intellectual Property Complaints

Product Authenticity Customer Complaints

Product Condition Customer Complaints

Food and Product Safety Issues

Listing Policy Violations

Restricted Product Policy Violations

Customer Product Reviews Policy Violations

Other Policy Violations

Order Defect Rate

Negative feedback

A-to-z Guarantee claims

Chargeback claims

Late Shipment Rate

Pre-fulfillment Cancel Rate

Valid Tracking Rate

Product Compliance Requests

Excess inventory

FBA sell-through

Stranded inventory percentage

FBA in-stock rate


Marketplace Fair Pricing Policy/Price Alerts


Price update using a Bulk file

Manage Inventory Overview

Manage Order Returns ( FBA and FBM )

Authorize a return request

How to issue a refund


A+ CONTENT(EBC) /brand Story ETC.

Listing Quality Dashboard



Copy Listing/Duplicate

Virtual Bundle

Video Upload

AB TEST/Split testing

Image Listing Important Notes and Tips


Different Types of Feedfile/Inventory File or Flat files

Product Launching

Piggy Back Listing

Different Listing Issues

Variation Family or Parent to child relations

Honeymoon Period

inventory error

fulfillment error


price error

Deleted/Missing SKU

Dangerous goods



What our students say

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Sunshine Tamani Manzano
Sunshine Tamani Manzano
Student - AAM

“This is the best training online I'd ever enrolled. Coach Ben and coach Mariel are awesome, generous and honest. Dito ko nakita iyong learnings na matagal ko nang hinahanap. 1,000,000/1,000,000. I LOVE SANDBOX!!!!! TAS kwela pa mga batchmate ko. Hindi nakaka boring makinig kasi ang ganda ng pakikisama ng mga coaches. Sulit na sulit ang pinang enroll ko. I learned so much!”

Ana Katrina Alonzo
Ana Katrina Alonzo
Student - AAM

"Yes worth it Ang bayad. mabait Ang mgaling pa sa coach Mariel. dami din tips."

Cagas Torre Itchie
Cagas Torre Itchie
Student - AAM

“Super worth it course, Coach Mariel and Coach Ruben are both very accommodating. Sulit na sulit! Grabeh and support nila sa mga students taz ang daming learnings. I was an AAM student at till now one message away lang Coach Mariel. Never nagsawa sa kakulitan namin, Never din kaming pina bayaan. Highly recommend! ❤️❤️😍”

Ruby Jean Espada
Ruby Jean Espada
Student - AAM

“Account Management Course ni Coach Mariel ay super sulit. Dami mong matutunan sa lessons niya and very hands on pa and matiyaga mag explain. You can easily approach her and sagutin ang lahat ng inquiries. Yung binayad mo super sulit. Thank you so much, Coach.”