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Master the art of virtual assistance with our comprehensive training. Dive into essential tools, modern techniques, and best practices tailored for remote support roles. Our course is designed to equip you with skills that enhance productivity, foster effective communication, and boost client satisfaction.

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Elevate your VA skills with our user-friendly, inclusive training modules. Accessible learning for all in the digital workspace.

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Fuel your journey by joining our thriving student community. Collaborate, learn, and evolve together in the world of VA.

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Immerse yourself in a comprehensive learning experience, meticulously designed by top industry leaders from around the world. Each module offers a blend of expertise, real-world insights, and actionable strategies, ensuring you're not just learning, but preparing to excel in the ever-evolving VA landscape.

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With Sandbox VA, you're not just enrolling in any course—you're investing in a future of possibilities. Our top-notch online courses are curated to empower you with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to excel in the Virtual Assistant realm, opening doors to new opportunities and career heights

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Explore genuine reflections from our students, highlighting how our courses have enriched their abilities, provided unmatched guidance, and set them on a path to a successful VA career.

Genevene Pascual Tangonan
PPC - Student

“Highly recommended! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐ This course is well organized and very informative. Enrolling here helped me a lot in specializing in SEO and PPC. I know I made the right choice! Coach Ruben is also approachable and deals with our concerns promptly so you don't have to worry about the hassle”

Ruby Jean Espada
Student - AAM

“Account Management Course ni Coach Mariel ay super sulit. Dami mong matutunan sa lessons niya and very hands on pa and matiyaga mag explain. You can easily approach her and sagutin ang lahat ng inquiries. Yung binayad mo super sulit. Thank you so much, Coach.”

PPC - Student

“Highly Recommended; The feed of the information is not overwhelming, beginner friendly and easy to understand. ABSOLUTELY BANG FOR THE BUCK. You get so much learning with less 3k. How's that? Coach Ruben's skills in teaching is undeniable. Teaching is a gift, and he's got it. 🙂 There is so many great people with results, but only a few can teach effectively. ”

Churchill C. Esprela
Student - Excel

"By far, the most worth it na excel course na pinag enrollan ko dito sa Philippines, meron mga foreign na nag tuturo ng ganito pero iba parin talaga pag pinoy magtuturo, very detailed pa at madaling maintindihan :)"